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We offer Chiropractic Treatments, Spinal Decompression, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Auto Injury/Whiplash Pain, Workers Compensation, Sports Injuries, & Acupuncture. 

Chiropractic Treatment

Most people do not realize that Chiropractic has been around for over 100 years in the United States. Over 50,000 Chiropractors, licensed in every state and recognized worldwide, have been treating patients just like you by focusing on the source of your pain or disease instead of covering up the symptoms.  Dr.  Michael Abromovitz's experienced chiropractic care can bring you back to a healthy life. Gilbert Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic offers a contemporary approach to chiropractic care. We can help you regain the quality of life you may have been missing with our non-invasive, drug free treatment, in a professional and familiar environment.

The doctor and our therapists are well-qualified licensed professionals dedicated to treating adults and children in a personalized manner. If you are looking for a caring chiropractor in the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, or Tempe area, please consider visiting our clinic - located on the southwest corner of Val Vista Road and Warner Road. Many common conditions not typically associated with the spine have responded favorably to chiropractic care. It’s easy to see the relationship between back and neck pain with misalignments of the spine. Spinal nerves also travel to your internal organs and tissues controlling most functions of the body. With this perspective you can imagine how a digestive problem, allergies or even a child’s earache might respond to chiropractic treatment.  We have 4 massage therapists that are trained extensively in rehabilitation aspects of massage therapy and they work directly with the doctor to perform necessary treatment of many conditions. These massage therapies are covered by most insurances and make a significant difference in our patients healing.

Massage Therapy

We offer many different types of massage therapy inlcuding:


  • Deep Tissue: Releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through long slow strokes and deep finger pressure on tensed areas to break up adhesions, remove scar/fibrotic tissue and improve function. Improves body alignment and freedom of movement.
  • Sports Massage: Focuses on the muscles relevant to a particular athletic activity. Usually more vigorous and deeper than Swedish massage.
  • Trigger Point: Applies concentrated finger pressure to tender areas in the muscle in order to break the cycle of spasm and pain.
  • Myofascial Release: A mild and gentle hands on form of stretching which relieves connective tissue restrictions all over the body promoting strength, flexibility, range of motion and proper alignment. It releases chronic problems and reduces pain.
  • Active Release Therapy: Lengthening muscles while improving range of motion.

Spinal Decompression

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?
 Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy is an FDA-Cleared treatment that medical research has shown to be very safe and highly successful.
 Decompression Therapy is done by alleviating pressure on spinal vertebrae, discs, and nerves by decompressing the spine. A computerized traction device alleviates pressure off joints, discs, and nerves. Decompression therapy causes a change in pressure or "vacuum effect" that sucks any bulging material back into place.

Decompression Therapy is best suited for patients suffering from the following:

  • Back or Neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Bulging Discs
  • Herniated Discs
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Degenerated Discs
  • Spinal Arthritis
  • Facet Syndrome

Does Medical Research Support Decompression Therapy?

Yes. It is important to know that this medical procedure is supported by research. Most recent studies strongly support the use of spinal decompression therapy as the safest, and most effective alternative to spinal surgery.
"Results showed that 86% of the 219 patients who completed the therapy reported immediate resolution of symptoms, while 84% remained pain-free 90 days post-treatment. Physical examination findings showed improvement in 92% of the 219 patients, and remained intact in 895 of these patients 90 days after treatment.

This study shows that disc disease --The most common cause of back pain, which costs the American health care system more than $50 billion annually--can be cost-effectively treated using spinal decompression..." - Gionis TA, Groteke E. Spinal decompression. Clinical study evaluating the effect of nonsurgical intervention on symptoms of spine patients. with herniated and degenerative disc disease.
Orthopedic Technology Review. Nov-Dec 2003;5(6): 36.

Dallolio V. Lumbar spinal decompression with a pneumatic orthesis (Orthotrac): preliminary study. Acta Neurochir Suppl. 2005;92:133-7. Available at: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.

Will my Insurance Pay for Decompression Therapy?

Health Plans can vary greatly regarding coverage. Call our front office at 480-635-8228 for a complementary insurance benefits check.

I've seen different types of "Spinal Decompression" advertised. Are they all the same?

Spinal Decompression Therapy has gained popularity recently. Much of this is due to the medical research that supports it. There are different manufacturers of decompression equipment. It is crucial that a patient is treated with equipment that meets the specifications of the many research studies that have been conducted on spinal decompression therapy. Our office uses the Chattanooga Triton DTS machine.

Do I need an MRI?

Many patients have already had an MRI before coming to our center. Not every patients needs an MRI to begin treatment but if necessary an MRI can be ordered directly by our doctor on staff.

How do I find out if Spinal Decompression is for me?

Call 480-635-8228 to see if you qualify for a Free Consultation with the doctor.


Acupuncture is one of the main forms of treatment in traditional Eastern medicine. It involves the use of very thin needles that are inserted into the body at very specific points. This process is believed to adjust and alter the body's energy flow into healthier patterns, and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends acupuncture as an effective treatment for over forty medical problems, including allergies, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological problems, nervous conditions, and disorders of the eyes, nose and throat, and childhood illnesses, among others. Acupuncture has been used in the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse. It is an effective and low-cost treatment for headaches and chronic pain, associated with problems like back injuries and arthritis. It has also been used to supplement invasive Western treatments like chemotherapy and surgery. Acupuncture is generally most effective when used as prevention or before a health condition becomes acute, but it has been used to help patients suffering from cancer and AIDS. Acupuncture is limited in treating conditions or traumas that require surgery or emergency care (such as for broken bones).


Acupuncture is generally a very safe procedure. If a patient is in doubt about a medical condition, more than one physician should be consulted. Also, a patient should always feel comfortable and confident that their acupuncturist is knowledgable and properly trained.


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In February 2014, I presented to this practice with complex symptoms (systemic and inflammatory in nature, which was unbeknownst to even myself at the time), which can be difficult for practitioners to validate, assess, and treat. I had begun to experience agonizing and debilitating acute pain in my back and shoulders, widespread muscle spasms, numbness and tingling down both arms/legs, difficulty sensing controlled movements of my right leg, and right arm weakness). I was immediately unable to work and initiated my short-term disability benefits and I knew that intensive treatment would soon be underway (fully aware that this was, by far, the most severe exacerbation of pain I have yet experienced). I was desperate for help after being turned down by the emergency room and another [highly recommended] chiropractor. I have a life-long history of significant physical traumas and injuries (one even as a pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident, requiring several weeks of assisted recovery) and participation in competitive sports with related injuries.

Even at my young age of 32, I have had almost two decades of persistent musculoskeletal and soft tissue problems, including instability, injury, and pain. I have seen many physicians and participated in many alternative treatment modalities. In summary, treatment solutions are never simple for me and finding physicians who are both empathetic and skilled can be a gamble. With there being a chiropractor on nearly every corner these days and as a medical professional with the above issues, I was hesitant to extend trust to any random chiropractor. However, due to the need for immediate assistance and pain relief, I was left only with the choice of those who could see me the same day, if not the same MORNING, rather than the luxury of careful research and selection. During the initial visit, Dr. "Mike" (Abromovitz) and his team treated me with patience and kindness and without hesitation. Dr. Mike asked several questions and took the time to demonstrate to me that he was actively listening to and participating in our conversation. He prescribed different interventions with my review and modified them as needed. I felt secure in seeing that he communicates regularly and in detail with the rest of his staff.

Dr. Mike referred me to an excellent internal medicine physician and ordered an MRI that turned out to be essential in identifying my core problem, ultimately facilitating the forward and timely treatment of other physicians. This was AFTER I had seen two spinal physicians (at two separate practices). They both were able to inform me that my problem involved more than just my spine, but did not offer anything more than physical therapy and injections. I am so grateful for his willingness to listen effectively, take action on my behalf, talk to insurance companies as needed, and for feeling that he actually took me seriously and validating my pain when I felt others were not. Dr. Mike and his staff have helped me make sense of my chronic and complex issues, giving me the confidence to sustain my short-term disability and interact with other physicians for further assessment and treatment. Their text-reminders for upcoming appointments and superior communication regarding scheduling has helped to keep me organized amidst my *MANY* other appointments. They have been very easy to work with and flexible when I needed to change appointment times due to illness, severe pain, or conflicts with other scheduled doctor appointments. They were also 100% accommodating during the days I had no option but to bring my 6 year-old son. In addition to the chiropractic care, spinal decompression, and other treatments, his office has three massage therapists so scheduling a brief (30 minute) lunch hour or full length massage (60 minute) session has been convenient from day one. I have visited this office several times and, due to my condition, have also consulted with several medical practitioners (including a primary physician, internal medicine physician, neurologist, orthopedist, pain management/spinal doctors, a naturopathic physician, and physical therapists).

All of the above are fully aware of my treatment with Dr. Mike and support his modalities, considering them a necessary part of the treatment plan toward my recovery. Here I am, 13 weeks later, making a great deal of progress as I continue to utilize treatments and excellent massage therapists at Gilbert Chiropractic and Acupuncture to provide ongoing pain relief and increased mobility in both my torso and shoulder (adjunct to my physical therapy treatments). Both Dr. Mike and his office staff have been incredibly supportive through this difficulty journey of intense pain and questionable economic security (as I have been unable to work in my present job position since the onset of this pain). I truly appreciate the positive impact their actions have had in my recent life experiences. Even my quiet, introverted self has found it comfortable to discuss my ailments and difficulties, feeling validated, with this practice. I was fortunate to encounter them during my "lottery" selection of next-available chiropractors. (Written with sincerity by a grateful patient)


grouponsmileyFantastic doctor!

January 07, 2013    grouponsmileyThey offer an amazing service to those suffering back pain. It was easy to get a same day appointment as well, very flexible scheduling. December 27, 2012  

grouponsmileySeems like a professionally run helping center. Dr Mike and the massage therapist were very good. The person answering the phone needs to slow down so you can understand what she is saying and who she is and what the name of the business is when answering.

January 16, 2013 


grouponsmileyJeff said everyone was great and professional

December 18, 2012 


grouponsmileyVery pleased with the treatment. The Dr. Is very informative and helpful.

October 22, 2012 


grouponsmileyAll very nice and truly care about your pain

October 15, 2012 


grouponsmileyGreat place. They walked me thru the process and what it would do and also what would happen at future visits. After one visit I feel extra movement in my neck already. Looking forward to the next time. I highly reccommend getting the massage with it.

October 11, 2012 


grouponsmileyI liked the office staff and the docs. Good results

October 09, 2012 


grouponsmileyFriendy staff. Made me feel comfortable.

October 08, 2012 

grouponsmileyGreat staff and service

September 27, 2012


grouponsmileyThe Dr there was great and the massage was awesome

September 21, 2012 


grouponsmileyThey did a wonderful job and made my back feel great!

September 10, 2012 


grouponsmileyI was unfamiliar with the decompression procedure prior to recieving the offer from Groupon, but am impressed with the procedure and this facility. Will continue treatments here even after my four prepaid treatments are completed. Dr Mike even sent me home with information to research for my symptoms. Thank you!

September 07, 2012 


grouponsmileyGreat service and excellent care! definitely recommend!

August 29, 2012 


grouponsmileyvery friendly, good staff

August 28, 2012


grouponsmileyIt was great really nice people

August 27, 2012 


grouponsmileyGreat experience ... would recommend to others...

August 22, 2012 


grouponsmileyVery friendly, great service and great massage!

August 21, 2012 


grouponsmileyGreat experience, very helpful and my back is feeling better...

August 21, 2012 


grouponsmileyVery knowledgable and helpful. Feel better already. The doctor took his time to determine what I needed.

August 16, 2012 


grouponsmileyBought the Groupon for my fiancé who is a "tough-to-please" marine. He came back with glowing reviews over the service and the treatments.

August 16, 2012 


grouponsmileyGreat service and wonderful massage

August 16, 2012 


grouponsmileyThank you very much. Your care is just perfect. It definitely exceeded my expectations a lot.

July 11, 2012


grouponsmileyFelt bad going in was sore coming out felt great the next day,can't wait to go back.

May 25, 2012


grouponsmileyDocs are very informative and seem like they really care.

May 02, 2012


grouponsmileyThank you !!!!

April 24, 2012


grouponsmileyThey are wonderful and caring doctors. Their massage before adjustments really helps and their prices are affordable.

April 20, 2012


grouponsmileyKeep up the good work

April 20, 2012


grouponsmileyThanks! You guys are great!

April 19, 2012


grouponsmileyI would like to say that my experience with them was excellent, they were friendly and knowledgable, they took the time to listen and were genuinely interested in helping.

April 18, 2012


grouponsmileyAfter treatment, was the best my back has felt in many many years. dhcarney

April 11, 2012


grouponsmileyI am greatful they offered a groupon for their services

April 11, 2012


grouponsmileyThe doctors really know their subject and they truly care about patients. Everyone on staff wanted to do all they could to help me feel better.

April 11, 2012


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