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Chiropractic Treatment

What many people do not realize is that Chiropractic has been invented in the United States over 100 years ago. More than 50,000 chiropractors, licensed in every state and recognized worldwide, have been treating patients just like you by focusing on the source of your pain or disease instead of covering up the symptoms. One such chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ, is Dr. Michael Abromovitz, whose professional care can fully restore your sense of health and well-being!

At Gilbert Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic offers a contemporary approach to chiropractic care. We can help you regain the quality of life you may have been missing with our non-invasive, drug free treatment, in a professional and familiar environment.

Chiropractic is a health care technique focusing specifically on your musculoskeletal system – your spine, joints, nervous system, and everything in-between. Many common conditions not typically associated with the spine have responded favorably to chiropractic care, including neck and back pain, headache, whiplash, arthritis, post-traumatic pain syndrome, and much more.

It is easy to see the relationship between back and neck pain with misalignments of the spine. Spinal nerves also travel to your internal organs and tissues controlling most functions of the body. With this perspective, you can imagine how a digestive problem, allergies or even a child’s earache might respond to chiropractic treatment! Chiropractic treatments include massage therapy, a manipulation of the joints and other similar methods, often combined with nutritional counseling and exercise.

The doctor and our therapists are well-qualified, licensed professionals who are dedicated to treating both adults and children. We believe in treating in patient in a highly a personalized manner, making sure to discover and address all of your individual needs.

If you are looking for a caring chiropractor in the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, or Tempe area, please do not hesitate to contact us today. You can call Gilbert Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic at 480-635-8228 or visit our clinic at our convenient location on the southwest corner of Val Vista Road and Warner Road.

Gail B.

Dr. Mike and I go back many years. First came to see him after a car accident and was very pleased with the results. He and his staff are always very kind and professional and very mindful of the pain I am experiencing. They make getting an appointment very easy. Getting a massage prior to my adjustments always makes a big difference. Definitely recommend Gilbert Chiropractic.

Julie D.

The staff here is excellent and top notch! I've been going to a chiropractor for many years and am so glad to find a great one in my new home of Gilbert.

Qi M.

A co-worker told me about Gilbert Chiropractic because I was in so much pain from a sciatic episode. And I have had my share of chiropractors... one that would always try to tell me what I'M feeling... and that I can't be feeling what I say I'm feeling! and others that overbook, throw you on the table, beat you up and then fling you off the table. I felt like I went in for fast food and leave out worse than when I came in. Dr. Mike was an entirely different story. I actually thought he could feel my pain... he sympathized with my situation and was sensitive to my needs. Dr. Mike listened when I spoke. I never felt rushed or pressured and sometimes when someone does something as simple as believing you when you say you are in terrible almost feel better already. I have gone to Gilbert Chiropractic a few times now and its well worth the money and the time. The front office staff (Amanda!) is friendly and the massage therapists are wonderful. if I could rate it 10 stars I would

Cathy L.

Dr. Mike and staff are great! I have been going to Dr Mike for many years and he is always great with relieving my knots in my back and all the Massage therapists are friendly and work wonders on your back!! I always recommend my friends to go there. Dr Mike has always supported the schools and helps Athletes when they get hurt playing sports! This office is great!!!! Thanks Cathy L.

Nicole F.

Dr. Abromovitz is exceptional. He took the time to ask questions, listen to, and understand all my symptoms and concerns. He explained the spinal anatomy as well as procedures and process by which to regain strength and reduce pain and inflammation. I probably waited less than 10minutes to be seen and then moved through the process; history and physical examination, massage, adjustment and follow up care with absolutely no wait. All the staff was friendly and attentive and have been accommodating to scheduling needs. Highly recommend!

Trisha J.

The staff was very friendly and professional. The quality of service I received was above expectations. I was so pleased with the results I have been back multiple times. I would recommend Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic to anyone who has had any pain and is wishing to get it corrected.

Boomer M.

Loved the care given here. Doctor Mike and the rest of the staff are the pinnacle of genuine and are full of knowledge. I felt very welcome. Highly recommend a visit if you are on the fence about chiropractic care

Lynda L.

Excellent customer service. Great approach to chiropractic care. Massage done by professionals. Adjustment to the hip, back and legs were done with great ease and accuracy. Well worth the 60 minute drive to get there.

Kaan C.

Excellent service with courteous and friendly staff! I've been Dr Mike's patients for almost 5 years. I have had chronic lower back problems ever since I was a child and get to visit Dr Mike on occasion... him and his staff has been great help getting rid of my back pain. As his patient, I've been able to keep my back pain away for longer and longer periods.

Dana B.

I've been to a couple of great chiropractors and many more that are shady. I’m always leery about trying a new Chiropractor. My experience at Gilbert Chiropractic was a pleasant surprise. The front office staff was friendly and professional. The office was light, bright and clean. Dr Michael Abromovitz was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I've been a few times now and have been very pleased with the information and services he has given. I won't hesitate to come back for future treatments or recommend his services.

Greg P.

I went through X-rays, a consultation with a pain specialist, three rounds of spinal injections and I was not seeing any improvement in my lower back pain. I decided to visit Dr. Mike and the therapists at Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic and in only four visits they have my back feeling better than it has in years!
Everyone at Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic is always professional and personable. Dr. Mike is very easy to talk to and takes the time to listen to his patients. I absolutely would recommend Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic. I just wish I would have decided sooner to see Dr. Mike and his staff, now it's your turn to decide.
What are you waiting for?

Cindy C.

Gilbert Chiropractic is a FULL service Clinic, staffed by knowledgeable, professional and caring people. Whether it's chiropractic adjustment, a relaxing massage, or simply a decompression session, you will find it all right here. Dr. Mike is a very gentle, yet effective chiropractor, and I highly recommend this Clinic to anyone needing any of the above mentioned services.

Amber P.

Dr. Abromovitz is the best Chiro in Gilbert. He is caring, friendly genuinely concerned about any pain issues that you have. From the moment we walk in the front door, we have been welcomed with a friendly attitude and smile. The MT's that are part of his staff are extremely knowledgeable in their field and we have always left feeling much more relaxed and refreshed. We feel extremely blessed we have found Dr. Mike to help improve our quality of life by helping us live a little less painfully.

Vern H.

Dr. Mike is a rare chiropractor. He gives patients one on one attention and is not dismissive or short like other chiropractors I have been to. The office is nice and the staff are all very friendly. I would recommend him to anyone needing a caring chiropractor.

Barry M.

6 months ago-
This place is great it's everything you could ask for. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend people all the time!

Greg F.

10 months ago-
Both my wife and I have been going for years. Excellent and caring staff and massages are very helpful and therapeutic. Dr. Mike and his staff are awesome!

Henry A.

a year ago-
i love this place, i come here weekly. they help me maintain my health and athletic lifestyle. dr.mike is the man.

Devyn M.

10 months ago
The spinal decompression treatment really relieve some lower back pain I was having for at least a few months. I enjoyed the overall experience and the staff was very friendly..

Kenny L.

3 months ago-
They know what they are doing and are very easy to talk to and they know how to treat there patients, they helped me out big time I strongly recommend them

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